Training with ET&CBy choosing to learn with ET&C you will gain a professional qualification that is recognised throughout the UK and Europe.

ET&C offers Level 2 (comparable to GCSE, ideal for supervisors or first line managers), through to Level 7 (comparable to Master’s Degree, ideal for senior managers) qualifications, enabling you to select the most appropriate programme for your needs.

All our training programmes are nationally recognised and appear on the Qualification Credit Framework (QCF), which is regulated by Ofqual. QCF is the framework for creating and accrediting qualifications. The qualifications are made up of units, and each unit is given a credit value.

The number of credits given to a unit is determined by the number of notional hours of study – 1 credit equals approximately 10 hours of notional learning. The total number of credits determine if the qualifications is an Award, Certificate or Diploma:


Descriptors Credit Values Notional Hours Guide
Award 1-12 less than 130 hours
Certificate 13-36 130 to 360 hours
Diploma 37+ 370 hours


Whether you study through our Approved Distance Learning Provision or within your own organisation, we have the management and leadership qualification that’s right for you.

To investigate your development opportunities further please review our range of professional programmes: