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ET&C’s Services to BusinessOur services to business support companies of all sizes, from start-ups with fresh ideas, to established national organisations in the public, private and not for profit sectors.

ET&C has extensive knowledge and skills, covering operational practice through to tactical and strategic management and leadership across a wide range of disciplines. We are dedicated to creating a mutually beneficial relationship, and will work in partnership with you to deliver the right business solutions tailored to your needs.




What We Offer
Value Added to your Company
  1. Increases employee engagement
  2. Retain top employees
  3. Improve recruitment
  4. Assists with succession planning
  5. Improves employee practice
  6. Maximise employee effectiveness
  7. Nationally recognised professional qualifications
  8. Tailored programmes to meet your objectives and challenges
  9. Improves productivity and performance
  10. Identifies specific training to maximise efficiency and effectiveness



What We Offer
Value Added to your Company
  • Review of existing company services/processes
  • Advice on corporate reorganisation and service reconfiguration
  • Assessment of management and leadership teams
  • Pinpoint gaps in management and leadership team knowledge
  • Identify development needs
  • Identify areas requiring targeted training and support
  • Conference and guest seminar or lecture presentations
  • Problem solving with minimum disruption
  1. Improves organisational performance and reduce overheads
  2. Improves management and leadership team’s performance and professional practice
  3. Improves managers and leaders competence and confidence
  4. Increases motivation and engagement
  5. Reduces learning and development costs by tailoring training
  6. Creates an environment of continuous improvement via feedback and development
  7. Improves succession planning
  8. Increases employee retention
  9. Coaching and mentoring for management and leadership team
  10. Quick engagement of change process to enable long-lasting benefits

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