Exclusive offers, promotions and discounts from Endeavour Training & Consultancy (ET&C).

Here at Endeavour Training & Consultancy (ET&C) we already offer competitive pricing for our services; on top of this we give repeat customers a loyalty discount of 20% off (Terms & Conditions apply).

We provide opportunities for individuals to study qualifications from professional bodies which are internationally renowned. Our programmes provide you with the same level of qualifications that you find in colleges and universities, but without the high tuition fees and lengthy course duration.

ET&C also offers all of its training programmes as corporate/group training provision. This means that if your organisation wants to take advantage of one of the training packages offered, we will be able to provide you with a discounted price and may even be able to specifically tailor the training to your business. This places management qualifications, training and development at the heart of your organisation.

Just a few reasons why you should choose ET&C…

  • Competitive pricing;
  • Loyalty discount for repeat customers;
  • Group/Corporate discounts;
  • Internationally recognised UK qualifications;
  • Qualifications from an internationally recognised awarding body.


NOTE: ET&C reserves the right to vary, amend or remove special offers at any time without prior notice. Offers and/or discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Terms & Conditions apply.


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