Client Comments

Client CommentsEndeavour Training & Consultancy (ET&C) has collated comments and feedback from our clients relating to the services we provide. In addition to this, statistical data from ET&C and the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) is utilized to further inform you of the nature and quality of our provision.

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of clients were satisfied with the quality of provision provide by ET&C
of clients agreed that feedback from ET&C on their work was useful
of clients enjoyed the learning experience with ET&C







Client CommentsThe best thing about my studies was knowing it would add valuable knowledge to my skill set for my future consultancy work.Client Comments

CMI Level 5 Certificate in Professional Consulting



Client CommentsPrior to starting the course, my instructor and I discussed how I wished to be monitored throughout the process. This was adhered to and made for easy study and clear communication.Client Comments


CMI Level 5 Certificate in Management and Leadership



Client CommentsThe support I received was very good and enabled me to feel confident throughout the course.Client Comments


CMI Level 5 Certificate in Professional Consulting



of people noted improved performance at work
of people were able to pass on new skills to their team
would be likely, or highly likely, to recommend a CMI qualification to others







Client CommentsI do not have a degree, but working in a university I find being able to use ‘MCMI’ signals that I do have a qualification which reflects the needs of my role – operational management being the most important.Client Comments

Isabelle Cherrett MCMI



Client CommentsThe Chartered Manager award process has enabled me to focus on applying management theories and techniques to maximise my contribution to the organisation. It has raised my profile and allowed me the flexibility to put my knowledge and skills to good use. It has also set a good foundation for my continual professional development.Client Comments


Don McKie CMgr MCMI
Shell International



Client CommentsI have used CMI as a competency benchmark for my development.Client Comments


Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn FIBC FCMI
Head of Department, University of Northampton



of people have noted greater self awareness as a result of CMgr
of people use CMgr to show continual growth and development
of people use CMgr as proof of leading people and managing change