Standout from the crowd with ET&C

Standout from the crowd with ET&C

ET&C is proud to announce the launch of a new range of training workshops, designed to meet the needs of business and drive individual performance to increase productivity. Our new programme suites are targeted towards the development of individual skills, to increase confidence, performance and all-round employability, whilst maintaining value for money.

The launch of the new training workshops sees an increase to our existing service provision, which is designed for intensive learning and development interventions. Our current Open Course provision will now be complemented through the inclusion of:

Working with our partners, we have identified specific areas where a proactive intervention of dedicated training and development will create long term sustainability within the current environment, due to improved performance and growth opportunity.

Our programme suites whilst designed for individuals are developed based on business requirements. As such, they can be tailored to meet specific corporate needs and can be delivered in-house, or at an alternative location.

The following information provides an overview of the courses currently available.


Dynamic Sales Programme SuiteDynamic Sales Programme Suite
Business thrives on profit, which is driven by sales. In today’s hypercompetitive market one of the largest growth areas is that of the sales person, whether via telesales, or the more traditional face to face pitch, sales drive business and business needs people who understand this, as such this programme suite includes the following courses:

The Dynamic Sales programme covers, in general terms, the mechanics of sales – selling in the general sense of the notion, with an emphasis on techniques that work best for industry and performance. If a more specialised, and tailored version is needed to meet specific business needs we are able to offer company specific training – details about your product/service, the sales process, the tools and resources needed.


Aspire2Be Management and Leadership Programme SuiteAspire2Be Management and Leadership Programme Suite
Business needs to function effectively to operate at maximum performance. Ensuring that employees perform to optimum expectations and requirements is a core element within the management and leadership spectrum of operations. Business needs people who understand this and know how to deliver the required outcomes to get the best out of staff teams; therefore, this programme suite includes the following courses:

This suite is made up of a selection of management and leadership training workshops, which will support the work of any company and/or individuals who wish to be introduced to, or keep up to date with, their management and leadership skills. Flexible enough to meet the needs of any organisational context, for team leaders, supervisors, managers, and senior managers.


Progression Opportunities
For delegates who wish to further develop their skills, ET&C will provide individuals with the opportunity to extend the skills and knowledge gained from the courses with further study via distance learning. ET&C is offering participants a special one off 25% discount on selected CMI accredited award or certificate courses:

  • Management & Leadership:
  • Coaching and Mentoring:

    Invest now with ET&C to create the professional future you want.


    Please Note: This offer is only available in conjunction with courses from the Dynamic Sales Programme Suite and the Aspire2Be Management and Leadership Programme Suite.