Taking Stock

At this time of year it is good to reflect on what has past, take stock, and make preparations for the future.

Business and the Fear FactorIn doing so, we should not neglect thinking about the pressures placed upon the business community, remaining mindful that stress is having an increasingly large impact upon managers in the modern business world, to such an extent that some can no longer make effective workplace decisions. We have to remain vigilant in our gladiatorial business arenas, whilst not allowing fear to stalk our decision making process, and hold us back from fulfilling the functionality of our role, and hindering future development.

With the potential for the forthcoming year to be one of growth and opportunity, we must look towards the future of management and leadership, as surely this is where we can make the biggest difference to our businesses. It is necessary to ensure that we understand that quality training and development will assist us in achieving our goals and preparing for potential opportunities. Therefore, we must not negate the need for investment in our managers and leaders, as this will yield growth, future career opportunities, and assist with the overall economy, so the question remains, why wait?

As managers and leaders we are also role models within our organisations, our positions help shape business; organisational behaviour; mould and inspire employees, making them want to achieve more. If we take a more proactive approach to employee engagement, research suggests that we are likely to increase productivity. With such potential at our fingertips we have to consider what has previously held us back. In part this can be linked to time wasted due to poor management, which costs as much as £19bn a year. Is it possible that managers, and therefore business as a whole, have lost sight of the three tenets of great management: purpose, people and potential?

With a new year ahead of us we must be mindful of the evolution of management. Remember, management is more than the sum of its parts, experience, training, and professional association all factor in the holistic makeup of this ever evolving field.


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