ET&C vs an FE College

Let’s consider in this time of change, an alternative way to study that fits around you, the professional, rather than the more restrictive road of traditional academia.

Endeavour Training & Consultancy (ET&C) is not here to criticise college provision; the ridged timetabled classes that are taught in generic terms due to the nature of the student make up is not a disparagement, it is a reality of the provision. ET&C is able to offer a totally tailored programme to suit you and your needs. Upon your first enquiry with ET&C, you are allocated a specialist who will take you through your programme. This person will be your point of contact for everything, thus reducing you being redirected to other departments/people to deal with queries.

ET&C offers the flexibility which enables you to study and submit your work when it is most suitable for you. Discussions relating to your programme and your work can be arranged to suit you, rather than to fit around a college timetable.

Like a college, ET&C ensures that its staff are qualified, not only in the delivery area, but also in relation to training, teaching, assessment and quality assurance. In doing this ET&C ensures that the same quality standards that you would find in a college are utilised and further developed to provide a more rounded learning experience than would normally be found in either a college or another training provider.

For the busy professional, there really is only one choice…